(List and prompt created by Sasha Smith)

Ever wonder what inspired a name like ‘Bird-of-Paradise’ for a flower? Below is a list of interesting common names for plants and animals. 

Select one of the names. Do not research the name. Decide whether or not to use it as a plant (flower, mushroom, tree, berry, etcetera) or an animal (fish, bird, insect, butterfly,  etcetera). Use the name as a title. Write a poem to describe the plant or animal.

Again, don’t google the names until after the poem! 

Abbott’s booby
Angel trumpet
Ashy tit
Babblers and relatives
Black-eyed Susan
Comely shiner
Common swift
Common miner
Dame’s rocket
Dapplethroat and allies
Destroying angel
Devil’s darning needle
Empress brilliant
Freckled nightjar
False box
Golden buttons
Golden whistler
Great knot
Inaccessible Island rail
Jointed rush
Little nightjar
Little swift
Little weaver
Little woodstar
Masked booby
Noisy miner
Old World buntings
Pale-bellied mourner
Philippine creepers
Plain swift
Plain nightjar
Poor Annie
Poor man’s mustard
Purple roller
Sociable weaver
Southern screamer
Snoring rail
Spectacled tyrant
Star-spotted nightjar
Strange weaver
Sweet rocket
Trailing bittersweet
Wandering tattler
Water ash
Wound rocket

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