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Alternaverse is a podcast dedicated to all things poetry, poetic practice, and communities within spaces inside and out of the usual realms of readership. We regularly interview known and emerging writers and small presses to give a clearer picture of who is out there, makin’ it happen in the hopes of connecting one another to the writing world and what we share as writers, shakers, and music makers. Join us!

Lindsey Warren was born and raised in Delaware.  When she was getting her MFA at Cornell, she met Annie Goold, and they bonded over their love of all things Kate Bush and MBMBAM.  Lindsey has been published in various journals including Hobart and Interim.  Her two poetry books (Unfinished Child and Archangel & the Overlooked) are available from Spuyten Duyvil, as will be her forthcoming poetry book Sentence, Forest.  She lives in Delaware with her corgi.

Annie Goold is from a small farm in rural Illinois, where she spent most of her time talking to her sheep and singing showtunes during chores. Some of her work can be found at Matter, GASHER Journal, Finishing Line Press, Another Chicago Magazine, and Electric Literature. On off days, she buys more plants or can be found peeling clementines in one long, curly strip. She lives and writes in Urbana, Illinois.

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